A Difficult Riddle

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    A Difficult Riddle


    Today I will give you a little difficult nazonazo (なぞなぞ – Riddle).

    Q: Tanaka-san, Yamaguchi-san, Etō-sam, warau to chichioya ni naru no wa dare? (田中さん、山口さん、江藤さん、笑うと父親になるのは誰? – “Who will become a father when he laughs: Tanaka-san, Yamaguchi-san, or Etō-san?”)
    Q: 田中さん、山口さん、江藤さん、笑うと父親になるのは誰?


    The answer to this riddle is Etō-san (江藤さん – “Mr. Etō”).

    Warau (笑う – “laughing”) can be rephrased as egao ni naru (笑顔になる – “becoming a smile”).

    In addition, egao ni naru (えがおになる) can be regarded as ” e becomes o ,” and if e of Etō-san becomes o, he will become otō-san (お父さん – “father”).

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