A Difficult Riddle

  • A Difficult Riddle


    Today I will give you a little difficult nazonazo (なぞなぞ – Riddle).

    Q: Tanaka-san, Yamaguchi-san, Etō-sam, warau to chichioya ni naru no wa dare? (田中さん、山口さん、江藤さん、笑うと父親になるのは誰? – “Who will become a father when he laughs: Tanaka-san, Yamaguchi-san, or Etō-san?”)
    Q: 田中さん、山口さん、江藤さん、笑うと父親になるのは誰?


    The answer to this riddle is Etō-san (江藤さん – “Mr. Etō”).

    Warau (笑う – “laughing”) can be rephrased as egao ni naru (笑顔になる – “becoming a smile”).

    In addition, egao ni naru (えがおになる) can be regarded as ” e becomes o ,” and if e of Etō-san becomes o, he will become otō-san (お父さん – “father”).

    One thought on “A Difficult Riddle

    • Thank you very much for this Riddle series and for your website in general! As a beginner level Japanese learner your texts are very useful for comprehension practice.
      Wordplay and puns are very interesting in any language, but in Japanese they are even more interesting because of kanji.
      Again, thank you for the site and good luck!


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