Interesting Riddles Part 3

  • Interesting Riddles Part 3

    面白いなぞなぞ Part 3

    Today I will give you two interesting Japanese nazonazo (なぞなぞ – “Riddle”).

    Q1: Machigai darake no mēru wa nanji ni todoku? (間違いだらけのメールは何時に届く? – “What time does a corrupt e-mail arrive?”)
    Q1: 間違いだらけのメールは何時に届く?

    Q2: Sekai no chūshin ni iru mushi wa? (世界の中心にいる虫は? – “What a kind of insect that is at the center of the world?”)
    Q2: 世界の中心にいる虫は?


    The answer to Q1 is goji (5時 – “5 o’clock”).

    Because goji can be written in kanji as 誤字, which means “typo.”

    The answer to Q2 is ka (蚊 – “mosquito”).

    Because the central character of sekai (世界/せかい – “world”) is ka (か – “mosquito”).

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