Hoshikage (星影)

  • Hoshikage


    What comes to your mind when you hear ‘hoshikage‘ (星影)?

    Hoshi (星) means ‘star‘ and kage (影) means ‘shadow.’
    「星」は ‘star,’ 「影」は一般的に ‘shadow’ を意味します。

    Because of this, you (even Japanese people) might think that ‘hoshikage‘ is “a shadow created by the light of a star.”

    However, the actual meaning of ‘hoshikage‘ is just ‘starlight.’

    Originally, the word ‘kage‘ meant ‘light.’

    Later, it came to mean also “a black shape created by the light and an object,” and now it is mainly used as the latter meaning.
    後に、「光が物体に遮られてできる黒い形」のことも「影」と呼ぶようになり、現在では主に ‘shadow’ の意味になったというわけです。

    Incidentally, if you want to say ‘moonlight’ in Japanese, you can say ‘tsukikage‘ (月影 – here, ‘tsuki‘ means ‘moon’) in the same manner as the case of ‘hoshikage.’

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