Hikagemono (日陰者 – An Inconspicuous Person)

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    I introduced you to the words ‘hoshikage‘ (星影 – starlight) and ‘tsukikage‘ (月影 – moonlight) yesterday.

    You can also say ‘hikage‘ (日影) to mean ‘sunlight,’ however, the kanji of ‘hikage‘ is usually 日陰.

    Also, if you write ‘hikage‘ as 日陰, it means a place where the sun does not get into, that is, a ‘shade.’

    Furthermore, the composite term ‘hikagemono‘ (日陰者), which is made by adding ‘mono‘ (者 – person) to ‘hikage‘ (日陰 – shadow), it can mean an inconspicuous person or a person who can’t be successful in the world.

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