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Self-Introduction Updates for the Second Time

  • Since the number of my entries, 1000, is a round figure, I rewrote my self-introduction a bit as follows. Note that there are many overlapping parts.



    Hi, I’m a teacher at a university in Tokyo, Japan. I’m engaged in some studies related to non-destructive inspection/diagnosis in X-ray CT imaging. On this Lang-8, I’ve written about a Japanese idiom, Japanese culture or a trivial matter every day. I hope these posts will be useful for foreigners who learn Japanese.

    Please feel free to send a friend request. 🙂

    [ Hobby ]
    My hobbies are watching American dramas, solving math and programming problems and riding my road bike. I think that I’ve watched a lot of American dramas, for example, Friends, Dr. House, Numbers, Ugly Betty, Breaking Bad, Person of Interest, Suits, Lie to Me, FLASH, The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Modern Family, and so on (sometimes UK dramas like SHERLOCK are included). If there is a drama that you can recommend, I want you to tell me.

    [ Dream ]
    My dream is to study in a university in the US and to become a professor of a university.

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