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Warikan (割り勘 – Dutch Treat) Part 1

  • When you have a meal with several people, especially share the dish on a large platter, the payment will usually become “warikan” (割り勘).

    割り勘 Part 1

    “Warikan” means that everyone who had meals together pays the same amount, which is the total cost of the meal divided by the number of people.

    The word “warikan” is short for “warimae kanjō” (割り前勘定), here the “warimae” (割り前) means “amount to be allocated,” and the “kanjō” (勘定) menas “to pay for something.”

    From a global viewpoint, it seems that there are many cases where one representative pays the full amount.

    I heard that some countries don’t have a word directly referring to “warikan,” and some countries don’t have the concept of “warikan.”

    Tomorrow I’d like to introduce the way of thinking and expressing for “warikan” in some countries.

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