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Warikan (割り勘 – Dutch Treat) Part 2

  • Warikan

    割り勘 Part 2

    Yesterday, I introduced the Japanese term “warikan” (割り勘), which means that after you had a meal with several people, everyone pays the same amount or each person pays for their own meal.

    “Warukan” is very common in Japan, but there are many countries that such a payment style hasn’t penetrated.

    In English, you can say “Dutch treat” or “Going Dutch” to mean “warikan.”
    英語では「割り勘」のことを “Dutch treat(オランダ人のおごり)” のように表現することがあります。

    It is said that such phrases come from the fact that British people tried to fix a stingy image to Dutch people in the Age of Exploration.

    Also, “splitting the bill” is a more general English phrase to mean “warikan.”
    「割り勘」を示すより一般的な英語表現としては、”split the bill” などがあります。

    Since this post will be a little long, I’d like to talk about the the remaining part (phrases to mean “warikan” in other countries) tomorrow.

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