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Rasubosu (Final Boss)

  • Rasubosu


    Today I will talk about the slang term “rasubosu.”

    “Rasubosu” is the abbreviation of “last boss,” and it means a boss character that comes out on the final stage of computer games.

    For example, it is Bowser in Mario series, or Ganondorf in Zelda series.

    Since it is very difficult to beat rasubosu down, this word is also used in the meaning of “the last and most difficult hurdle” or “very strong competitor.”

    For your information, some Internet users refer singer Kobayashi Sachiko as “rasubosu.”

    This is because she sings at the end of the famous year-end TV program “Kohaku Uta Gassen” wearing very showy (and powerful-looking) clothing.

    If you are interested in it, try to search with the keywords “小林幸子 ラスボス” on Google Images.
    興味がある人は、「小林幸子 ラスボス」というキーワードで画像検索をしてみて下さい。

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