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Butsu (Stuff)

  • Butsu


    Today I will talk about the slang term “butsu.”

    “Butsu” is one of pronunciations of “物,” which means “things,” and it is used as a pronoun to indicate some kind of things literally

    When you want to refer to general things, “物” is read as “mono,” but if you read it as “butsu” in on-yomi (Chinese readings), it will mean “antisocial things” or “illegal things” in most cases.

    For example, there are drugs, stimulants, guns, and etc. as subjects that are called “butsu.”

    Also, “薬,” which means drugs or medicine, is usually read as “kusuri,” but if you read it as “yaku” in on-yomi, it will especially mean illicit drugs or stimulants.

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