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Posharu (ポシャる – Falling Through)

  • Posharu


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese term “ojan,” which means that a plan or a thing goes up in smoke.

    Today I’d like to talk about the slang term ポシャる (posharu), which has almost the same meaning of “ojan.”

    It is thought that “posharu” comes from the French word “chapeau,” which means “hat.”
    「ポシャる」は、フランス語で帽子を意味する「シャッポ (chapeau)」から来ていると考えられています。

    By swapping the pronunciation of “chapeau” and adding the suffix る (ru) that can convert a noun into a verb, the verb “posharu” was created.

    The reason why “posharu” has come to its current meaning is because taking off a 兜 (kabuto – helmet) meant giving up and people viewed the kabuto as the closest thing to a hat.

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