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  • Today I would like to talk about the Japanese verb “suppokasu.”


    “Suppokasu” means to break an appointment or leave a work that you should do.

    Usage example: Date no yakusoku wo suppokasareta. (I was stood up/My date didn’t show up.)

    The literal meaning of “su” of “suppokasu” is natural, real, or original, and it has a role to strengthen its following words.

    “Pokasu” of “suppokasu” comes from “hokasu,” which means “to leave something” or “to discard something.”

    According to my dictionary, “suppokasu” can be translated into “stand someone up” or “blow the appointment with someone.”

    Please don’t do “suppokashi” (“suppokashi” is the noun form of “suppokasu.”)
    私の辞書によると、「すっぽかす」は英語で “stand someone up” や “blow the appointment with someone” と言うようです。

    Original sentence