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Aku ga Nukeru (灰汁が抜ける – Becoming Refined)

  • Aku ga Nukeru


    The Japanese idiom, aku ga nukeru (灰汁が抜ける), describes that someone’s personality or appearance loses its negative aspects and becomes refined.

    The term aku (灰汁 – literally “lye”) refers to the bitter, astringent, or harsh taste in food, and it is often removed in cooking to make the dish tastier.

    In addition, nukeru (抜ける) means “to be removed,” so the literal meaning of aku ga nukeru is “a bad taste is removed.”
    また、「抜ける」は “to be removed” を意味するので、「灰汁が抜ける」の文字どおりの意味は “a bad taste is removed” となります。

    In other words, in this idiom, aku, the ingredients that make the dish taste bad, is a metaphor for the negative aspects of a person.

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