Tsumi-gē (積みゲー – Stockpiling)

  • Tsumi-gē


    Recently, the number of tsumi-gē (積みゲー) in my room has been increasing.

    Tsumi-gē is a coined word that combines tsumi/tsumu (積み/積む – meaning “to be piled”) and (ゲー – meaning “game”), referring to games that you have bought but not played and are piled up.

    As you become an adult, you have more money but less time and energy to play games, so the tsumi-gē phenomenon is more likely to occur.

    Incidentally, books that you have bought but not read are called tsun-doku (積ん読).

    Here, doku (読) means “reading,” and tsun-doku is a wordplay that implies the phrase tsunde oku/tsundoku (積んでおく/積んどく – meaning “I pile up something”).
    「読」は “reading” を意味しますが、それだけではなく「積んでおく/積んどく」にも掛かった洒落た造語となっています。

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