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How to Go to the Bathroom: Part 2

  • Yesterday, I introduced you to a common expression that is used when you want to go to the bathroom.

    トイレへの行き方 Part 2

    Today I’d like to talk about other Japanese expressions implying that you will go to the bathroom.

    *お花摘みに行く* (*ohana tsumi ni iku* – I will go picking flowers): This is an expression for women.

    *雉撃ちに行く* (*kiji uchi ni iku* – I will go pheasant hunting): This is an expression for men.

    Originally, it seems that these expression was used to imply urinating/defecating on climbing.

    This is because the posture of urinating/defecating in the grass is similar to the posture of flower picking or pheasant hunting.

    Original sentence