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How to Go to a Bathroom Part 1

  • I posted an entry about how to use a toilet yesterday.

    トイレへの行き方 Part 1

    Today I’d like to tell you about how to express in Japanese that you want to go to a bathroom.

    The most simple expression is that “toile ni ittekimasu” (トイレに行ってきます – I will go to a toilet).

    However, such a direct expression is not elegant.

    In my opinion, the most common and accepted expression is “otearai ni ittekimasu” (お手洗いに行ってきます – I will go to an otearai), here the “otearai” (お手洗い) is a place where you wash your hands.

    Japanese people have been sure to wash their hands carefully after urinating/defecating since a long time ago.

    Because of this, “to go to a bathroom” has come to be expressed as “otearai ni iku” (お手洗いに行く – I will go to an otearai).

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