Chōda no Retsu (長蛇の列 – Very Long Line)

  • Chōda no Retsu


    A very long waiting queue can be described as chōda no retsu (長蛇の列) in Japanese.

    Since chō (長) means “long,” da (蛇) means “snake,” and retsu (列) means “line/queue,” the literal meaning of chōda no retsu is “long snake’s line.”
    「長」は “long”、「蛇」は “snake”、「列」は “line/queue” を意味するので、「長蛇の列」の文字どおりの意味は “long snake’s line” となります。

    This term was coined from the fact that a very long line looks like a big and long snake.

    For example, you can say mōsho no tame, aisu-ya ni chōda no retsu ga dekita (猛暑のためアイス屋に長蛇の列ができた – “Since it was an extremely hot day, many people lined up in front of the ice cream shop.”).

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