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The House of Councilors Election

  • Since the House of Councilors election is being held today, I will tell you about three trivia that are related to Japanese elections.


    【No. 1】
    In Japan, only a person who come to a polling station can confirm that there is no ballot in the ballot box. Some people seem to get up very early for confirming the ballot box.

    【No. 2】
    When the number of a runner’s votes is the same as another runner’s one, the result will be eventually tolerated by lot. This way might be the same in many countries overseas.
    【No. 1】

    【No. 3】
    Payments of Snacks/sweet treats for election staff are defined as up to a ceiling of 500 yen per day by law. Payments of bento (lunch bags) are up to 1000 yen per one meal.
    【No. 2】

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