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Nomi Houdai (飲み放題 – All-you-can-drink)

  • Nomi Houdai


    In weekends in Japan, you can find people who are too drunk on a train or a street.

    I think that one of the reasons is because there are many taverns that offer “nomi houdai” (飲み放題 – all-you-can-drink) in Japan.

    As far as I know, such supplied services are often something like that you can have any drinks including alcohol on menu for for two hours with a charge of 1500 to 2000 yen (13 to 18 dollars).

    According to the Internet, such services seem to be rarely offered overseas.

    Especially in France and some American states, such services are prohibited by statue.
    (Furthermore in France, all-you-can-drink excluding alcohol is also banned.)

    Japan is very loose to drinking now, but since people with bad manners are increasing, regulation of alcohol is being considered.

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