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Kaki no Tane (柿の種)

  • I’m now eating 柿の種 (kaki no tane), which is one of famous Japanese rice snacks.


    柿 (kaki) means “persimmon” and 種 (tane) means “seed,” so the literal meaning of 柿の種 is “seeds of a persimmon.”

    The etymology of “kaki no tane” is very simple — it is because the shape of this snack is similar to seeds of a persimmon.

    It is an orange color, is a bit spicy, and peanuts are often included in the same bag together.
    「柿」は “persimmon,” 「種」は “seed” を意味するので、「柿の種」の文字通りの意味は “seeds of a persimmon” となります。

    Also, it is often served as a snack with alcohol.

    When you come to Japan, please try it once.

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