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Suppon (スッポン – Soft-Shell Turtle)

  • Previously, I introduced the Japanese phrase, “tsuki to suppon” (月とスッポン), which means that two things are very different from each other, though they have something in common.


    Today, I will talk about the “suppon” (スッポン) of “tsuki to suppon.”

    “Suppon” means a soft-shell turtle, and is widely distributed in China, Japan, Russia and etc.

    Especially in Japan and China, people have eaten suppons since a long time ago.
    In Japan, the word “suppon” has been used since the Edo period, but before that it had been called “dorogame” (ドロガメ), the literal meaning of which is “mud turtle.”

    The etymology of “suppon” hasn’t been clarified yet, but it’s said that it comes from an onomatopoeia when a suppon makes a plunge into a river.

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