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Tsuka no Ma (束の間 – A Fleeting Moment)

  • Tsuka no Ma


    Previously, I introduced the Japanese word “setsuna” (刹那), which means just a moment.

    There is another Japanese word, “tsuka no ma” (束の間), which also means a short time.

    The “tsuka” (束) of “tsuka no ma” is a unit of length that was once used in Japan, and one tsuka represents a width of four fingers.

    Also, since “ma” means a temporal interval, “tsuka no ma” is a phrase that likens a length to a time.

    For example, it is used something like “tsuka no ma no shiawase” (束の間の幸せ – short-lived happiness).

    Note that “tsuka no ma” is much longer compared to “setsuna” in most cases.

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