Atama ga Panku (頭がパンク – One’s Head is Explode)

  • Atama ga Panku


    I am about to ‘atama ga panku‘ (頭がパンク).

    Atama‘ (頭) means “head” and ‘panku‘ (パンク) comes from the English “punctured,” so the literal meaning of ‘atama ga panku (suru)‘ (頭がパンクする) is “one’s head is punctured (flattened).”
    「頭」は “head”、「パンク」は英語の “punctured” から来ており、「頭がパンクする」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s head is punctured (flattened)” となります。

    I think that it is not difficult to imagine situations where this phrase is used.

    You can use this when you have too many jobs or tasks to do and your brain is about to literally be punctured.

    In English, it can be translated as “one’s head/mind is going to explode” or “to be about to panic.”
    英語では “one’s head/mind is going to explode” や “to be about to panic” のように訳されます。

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