Kaze no Tayori (風の便り – A Little Bird Told Me)

  • Kaze no Tayori


    A rumor that comes out of nowhere can be expressed as kaze no tayori (風の便り).

    Since kaze (風邪) means “wind” and tayori (便り) means “letters” or “news,” the literal meaning of kaze no tayori is “letters from the wind.”
    「風」は “wind”、「便り」は “letters/news” を意味するので、「風の便り」の文字どおりの意味は “letters from the wind” となります。

    As you can imagine, this term was created by comparing a rumor that comes out of nowhere to letters sent by the wind.

    Rumors can be both good and bad, but in most cases, kaze no tayori is used to mean good rumors or news.

    This fact may have something to do with the beauty of the expression.

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