Oumu Gaeshi (オウム返し – Parroting)

  • Oumu Gaeshi


    Repeating what a person has just said is referred to as oumu gaeshi (オウム返し) in Japanese.

    Since oumu (オウム) means “parrot” and gaeshi/kaeshi (返し) means “back/reply,” the literal meaning of oumu gaeshi is “parrot reply.”
    「オウム」は “parrot”、「返し」は “back/reply” を意味するので、「オウム返し」の文字どおりの意味は “parrot reply” となります。

    As you know, parrots are birds that are good at imitating human voices or sounds, hence this term was created.

    It is considered that oumu gaeshi is one of the effective ways to facilitate communication in everyday life.

    However, since it could make people feel uncomfortable, please be careful not to overuse it.

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