Bon Misu (凡ミス – Careless Mistake)

  • Bon Misu


    I made a bon misu (凡ミス) of deleting my post today.

    Since bon (凡) means “ordinary” or “common,” and misu (ミス) comes from the English term “mistake,” the literal meaning of bon misu is “common mistake.”
    「凡」は “ordinary” や “common”、「ミス」は “mistake” を意味するので、「凡ミス」の文字どおりの意味は “common mistake” となります。

    However, the actual meaning of bon misu is closer to “careless mistake” than to “common mistake.”
    しかし、「凡ミス」の実際の意味は、”common mistake” (よくある間違い) というよりは、”careless mistake” (軽率な間違い) が近いです。

    “Careless mistake” can be translated into Japanese as kearesu misu (ケアレスミス) or ukkari misu (うっかりミス) instead of bon misu.
    “Careless mistake” は「凡ミス」の他に、「ケアレスミス」や「うっかりミス」などと訳されることもあります。

    In my opinion, bon misu has the most stupid nuance among the above translations.

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