Hema (へま – Mistake/Lubber)

  • Hema


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese word poka (ぽか), which means a careless mistake.

    Today I would like to talk about the similar Japanese word hema (へま).

    Like poka, hema has the meaning of “failure” or “mistake,” but in addition to that, it means “insensitive” or “stupid.”

    It is said that hema came from “heta na ma” (下手な間), the literal meaning of which is “poor timing,” but the truth remains unclear.

    Example sentences
    Shigoto de hema wo shita (仕事でへまをした – I made a mess at work).
    Kare wa hema na yatsu da(彼はへまなやつだ – He is a stupid person.)

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