Tebura (手ぶら – Empty-handed)

  • Tebura


    When having nothing in your hands, the situation is described as tebura (手ぶら) in Japanese.

    It is considered that tebura is an abbreviation for te wo burasagete iru (手をぶら下げている) or te wo burabura sasete iru (手をぶらぶらさせている).

    Here, te (手) means “hand,” burasageru (ぶら下げる) means “dangling,” and burabura (ぶらぶら) is an onomatopoeia that represents something dangling.
    「手」は “hand”、「ぶら下げる」は “dangling”、「ぶらぶら」は何かがぶら下がって揺れるさまを表す擬態語です。

    This word implies that if you have nothing in your hands, your hand will be dangling.

    Incidentally, tebura (手ブラ) also sometimes means using your hands to hold your breast instead of a bra.

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