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Urashima Tarō Part 2

  • (Today’s post is the continuation of yesterday’s post.)

    浦島太郎 Part 2

    Urashima Tarō decided to return to his village after he spent some time in Ryūgū-jō.

    At that time, Orihime presented tamatebako (玉手箱 – treasure box) to him, with saying “You must never open this.”

    When Tarō came back to the ground, he found that there is no people he knows.

    Then, he opened tamatebako — smoke came out from the box, and he became an old man.

    That is to say, a few days he spent in Ryūgū-jō was equal to long years on the ground.

    This is the outline of the famous Japanese fairy tale, “Urashima Tarō.”

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