Shiri ga Karui (尻が軽い – Hasty)

  • Shiri ga Karui


    I do not like people who are described as shiri ga karui (尻が軽い).

    ‘Shiri ga karui’ means that someone’s behavior is thoughtless or hasty; especially it is used to describe women who often play around.

    Since shiri (尻) means “hip” and karui (軽い) means “light,” the literal meaning of shiri ga karui is “one’s hip is light.”
    「尻」は “hip”、「軽い」は “light” を意味するので、「尻が軽い」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s hip is light” となります。

    It is difficult for people having a light hip to sit still in one place, so this idiom came to have the above meanings.

    You can say shirigaru (尻軽) by shortening shiri ga karui.

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