Aruki Sumaho (歩きスマホ – Smartphone Zombie)

  • Aruki Sumaho


    In accordance with the prevalence of smartphones, aruki sumaho (歩きスマホ) has become a big problem in the world.

    Since aruki (歩き) means “walking,” and sumaho (スマホ) is short for sumātofon (スマートフォン – “smartphone”), aruki sumaho literally means “to use a smartphone while walking.”
    「歩き」は “walking”、「スマホ」は “smartphone” を意味する「スマートフォン」を省略したもので、「歩きスマホ」は文字どおり「歩きながらスマートフォンを操作すること」を意味します。

    The use of smartphones while walking makes you have a very narrow view of things, so it is extremely dangerous

    In the US, such people using smartphones while walking are called “smartphone zombie,” because they walk slowly without worrying about surroundings.

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