Monomi Yusan (物見遊山 – Sightseeing)

  • Monomi Yusan


    I would like to do Monomi Yusan (物見遊山) sometimes.

    Since mono (物) means “thing,” mi (見) means “to see,” yu (遊) means “to play,” and san (山) means “mountain,” the literal meaning of the combination is “to see things and to play at mountains.”
    「物」は “thing”、「見」は “to see”、「遊」は “to play”、「山」は “mountain” を意味するので、「物見遊山」の文字どおりの意味は “to see things and to play at mountains” となります。

    Yusan (遊山) was originally a Buddhist term, which meant that a Zen monk who finished training moves to the next temple (mountain) while going around various places.

    Later, yusan came to mean to go to mountains for playing, and Monomi Yusan came to mean to go to various places for sightseeing or playing.

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