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Kotatsu (こたつ)

  • Kotatsu


    I spent the winter without ‘kotatsu’ (こたつ) over the past two years.

    However, this year I bought a kotatsu as a Christmas present for myself.

    A kotatsu is a kind of Japanese heating equipment and can warm up a portion of space — it is made by putting a heat source in a table and covering the table with a comforter or something.

    Once you enter the kotatsu, it is difficult to get out of there due to the comfort, so kotatsu is sometimes described as ‘akuma no kagu‘ (悪魔の家具 – “devil furniture”) or ‘hito wo dame ni suru kagu‘ (人をダメにする家具 – “a piece of furniture that ruins man”).

    I will start to use it today.

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