Debushō (出不精 – Houseplant)

  • Debushō


    These days, I may have begun to have a property called ‘debushō‘ (出不精).

    ‘Debushō’ means to stay for a long time in the house due to the laziness, or a person who has such character.

    De‘ (出) means “to go out,” ‘bu/fu‘ (不) is a negative term, and ‘shō‘ (精) means “spirit.”
    「出」は “to go out”、「不」は否定語、そして「精」は “spirit” を意味します。

    That is to say, the literal meaning of ‘debushō’ is a spirit that you do not want to go out.

    There is a theory that says that the term ‘debu‘ (デブ – “a fat person”) comes from ‘debushō’, but the reliability is not clear.

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