Natsubate (夏バテ – Summer Lethargy)

  • Natsubate


    The hot humid weather has continued lately.

    Please be careful not to become a state called ‘natsubate‘ (夏バテ).

    Natsubate‘ is the combined word made of the noun ‘natsu‘ (夏 – summer) and the verb ‘bateru‘ (バテる – being exhausted).
    「夏バテ」は、’summer’ を意味する「夏」と ‘exhausted’ を意味する「バテる」を組み合わせてできた言葉です。

    That is to say, this word means that your physical condition worsens due to the summer heat.

    Incidentally, ‘bate bate‘ (バテバテ) is an onomatopoeia that represents tiredness, which is made by repeating the ‘bate‘ (バテ) in the verb ‘bateru‘ (バテる).

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