Jama (邪魔 – Hindrance)

  • Jama


    In the area where I live, some people park their cars on a street, though it is prohibited by law.

    Such cars are called ‘jama‘ (邪魔) in Japanese.

    ‘Jama’ means hindering things, or to hinder something.

    Since ‘ja‘ (邪) means ‘evil’ or ‘malevolent’ and ‘ma‘ (魔) means ‘devil,’ the literal meaning of ‘jama‘ is ‘evil devil.’
    「邪」は ‘evil’ や ‘malevolent,’ 「魔」は ‘devil’ を意味するので、「邪魔」の文字通りの意味は “evil devil” となります。

    Originally, this term referred to a devil who hinders Buddhist ascetic practices.

    It is now used in everyday conversation.

    Incidentally, there are other English words that correspond to ‘jama‘ (邪魔): ‘interference,’ ‘obstruction,’ ‘hamper,’ etc.
    「邪魔」に相当する英単語としては、他にも ‘interference’ や ‘obstruction’ などがあります。

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