Uma ga Au (馬が合う – Compatible)

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    Uma ga Au


    Do you have a friend who gets along or a compatible person?

    You can use the expression, “uma ga au” (馬が合う), to such a person.

    Uma‘ (馬) means ‘horse’ and ‘au‘ (合う) means ‘fit’ or ‘conform.’
    「馬」は ‘horse,’ 「合う」は ‘fit/conform’ を意味します。

    In horseback riding, if you want to ride a horse well, you have to conform to the horse.

    Because of this, we say “uma ga au” to mean that you get along well with someone or someone is compatible.

    You can also say “iki ga au” (息が合う), using ‘iki‘ (息 – breath) instead of ‘uma‘ (馬 – horse).

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