Mono Iu Hana (物言う花 – A Beautiful Woman)

  • Mono Iu Hana


    The Japanese word, ‘Hana‘ (花 – flower), can be used to imply a beautiful woman.
    ‘Flower’ を意味する日本語「花」は、「美人」の隠語としても使われます。

    If you want to mean that it is a woman more explicitly, you can also say “mono iu hana” (物言う花).

    Since ‘mono‘ (物) means ‘thing’ and ‘iu‘ (言う) means ‘to say,’ the literal meaning of “mono iu hana” is “a flower that can say something.”
    「もの」は ‘thing,’ 「言う」は ‘say’ を意味するので、「物言う花」は “a flower that can say something” となります。

    Relative to ‘mono iu hana,’ you can also refer to just a flower as “mono iwanu hana” (物言わぬ花), the literal meaning of which is “a flower that can’t say anything.”

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