Ohana Batake (お花畑 – A Field of Flowers)

  • Ohana Batake


    “A field of flowers” is translated into Japanese as “hana batake” (花畑) or “ohana batake” (お花畑).
    “A field of flowers” を日本語に訳すと、「花畑」もしくは「お花畑」となります。

    ‘O’ (お) is the polite prefix, ‘hana’ (花) means ‘flower,’ and ‘batake/hatake’ (畑) means ‘field.’
    「お」は丁寧の接頭辞、「花」は ‘flower,’ 「畑」は ‘field’ を意味します。

    This term, “ohana batake,” is sometimes used as the following by combining with ‘nounai’ (脳内 – inside one’s brain) or “atama no naka” (頭の中 – inside one’s head).

    “Ano hito no nounai wa ohana batake da” (あの人の脳内はお花畑だ – Inside of his/her brain is a field of flowers).

    Here, this phrase implies that the person is carefree, superficial, or blind.

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