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Decchiage (To Make Up a Story )

  • Decchiage


    Today I will talk about the term “decchiage.”

    “Decchiage” means to make up a story as if it were actually happened.

    Usage example: Kare no hanashi wa subete decchiage da (All his stories are hoaxes). Buyuden wo decchiageru (I cook my heroic story up).

    This term comes from the Han reading of “捏” in “捏造 (netsuzo),” which has the same meaning of “decchiage.”

    The Han reading of “捏” is “detsu,” and it came to be verbalized as “decchiageru,” then it came to also be used as the noun form “decchiage.”

    By the way, the Hiragana form of “でつ (detsu)” looks like Snoopy.

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