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Obenchara (Empty Flattery)

  • Obenchara


    Today I would like to talk about the Japanese term “obenchara.”

    “Obenchara” means to say empty flattery for buttering up to someone, or means such a person.

    Usage example: “Don’t say obenchara (empty flattery).” “You are an obenchara (polisher).”

    The “o” in “obenchara” is a prefix word, “ben” means “speech” and “chara” means “joke” or “gibberish.”

    I like the sound of “obenchara,” but I don’t like “obenchara” very much.

    There is another word called “obekka,” which means almost the same meaning of “obenchara.”

    It is said that “obekka” comes from the word “obenko,” which means that someone is good at flattery.

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