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  • Have you ever been pretended to be out even though you are actually at home.


    In Japanese, such behavior is called “irusu” (居留守) in one word.

    This word was born by composing two words, “i” (居 – existence) and “rusu” (留守 – absense).

    On the other hand, in English, you seem to have express something like “pretend to be out” or “pretend not to be at home,” and I couldn’t find a noun that corresponds to irusu.
    一方、英語では “pretend to be out” のように表現する必要があり、居留守に相当する名詞は見つかりませんでした。

    The reason why there is the noun “irusu” in Japanese might be derived from the fact that Japanese people often use irusu (pretend to be out).

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