Doraemon’s Three Sizes (ドラえもんのスリーサイズ)

  • Doraemon’s Three Sizes


    In my post yesterday, I introduced the term surī saizu (スリーサイズ – which comes from “three sizes”), which means “bust/waist/hip measurements.”
    昨日は “bust/waist/hip measurements” を意味する「スリーサイズ」という言葉を紹介しました。

    Today, I would like to introduce the three sizes of Doraemon, one of the most popular anime characters in Japan.

    In the case of Doraemon, the three sizes for humans (i.e., bust/waist/hip measurements) are merged into a “chest measurement,” and “head measurement (circumference)” is added.

    (“Three sizes” may need to be reworded to “two sizes.”)

    Both chest and head measurements of Doraemon are 129.3 cm.
    「胸囲」と「頭の周囲」はどちらも 129.3 cm です。

    As seen above, the number 129.3 often appears in the measurements of Doraemon.
    このように、ドラえもんに関連する寸法は 129.3 という数値が多く登場します。

    For example, his height is 129.3 cm, weight is 129.3 kg, and power is 129.3 horsepower.
    例えば、身長は 129.3 cm、体重は 129.3 kg、パワーは 129.3 馬力、などです。

    Incidentally, Doraemon’s birthday is September 3rd, 2112.
    ちなみに、ドラえもんの誕生日は 2112年9月3日です。

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