Surī Saizu (スリーサイズ – Bust/waist/hip measurements)

  • Surī Saizu


    Derived from English, surī saizu (スリーサイズ – “three sizes”), is used in ordinary speech in Japan.

    The three sizes refer to the dimensions of the three parts of the body: bust (chest for men), waist, and hips.

    It is called “bust/waist/hip (body) measurements” or “vital statistics” in English.
    英語では “bust/waist/hip (body) measurements” または “vital statistics” と呼ばれます。

    Surī Saizu is usually used for women, but please be careful not to ask a woman about her three sizes casually.

    The woman may be offended, and you may be treated as hentai (変態 – “pervert”).

    Incidentally, many of the three sizes measurements of celebrities listed on web pages such as Wikipedia are considered to be unreliable.

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