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Yonabe (夜なべ – Nightwork)

  • Yonabe


    Now I’m doing my work, which is called “yonabe” (夜なべ).

    “Yonabe” means a work that is done in the middle of the night.

    The “yo” (夜) means “night,” but there are several theories about what the “nabe” (なべ) means.
    「夜」は “night” を意味しますが、「なべ」が何を意味するかについては幾つかの説が存在します。

    The most accepted theory says that the “nabe” is written in kanji as”鍋,” which means a one pot dish.

    According to this theory, the word “yonabe” comes from the fact that people work at night while eating “nabe” (one pot dish).

    Also, another theory says that “nabe” is written in kanji as “延べ,” which means “extension” — this implies that your work is extended until night.

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