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Kaze wo Hiku (風邪をひく – Catching a Cold)

  • Kaze wo Hiku


    There are various diseases in the world.

    Japanese people usually say “(disease name) ni kakaru” or “(disease name) wo wazurau” when they catch the disease.

    Of course you can say “kaze ni kakaru” (風邪にかかる) or “kaze wo wazurau” (風邪を患う) — where “kaze” means “cold.”

    However, only in the case of “kaze,” we often say “kaze wo hiku” (風邪をひく).

    The “hiku” means “to drag,” and it seems to be derived from the fact that ancient Chinese people thought that you would catch a cold when dragging bad vibes into your body.

    By the way, I’m having a cold now.

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