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Okarada wo Oitoi Kudasai (お身体をおいといください – Please Take Care of Yourself)

  • Okarada wo Oitoi Kudasai


    In yesterday’s post, I introduced the phrase gojiai kudasai (ご自愛ください), which means “please take care of yourself.”
    昨日は “take care of yourself” を意味する「ご自愛ください」という表現を紹介しました。

    To mean the same thing, you can also use another phrase, okarada wo oitoi kudasai (お身体をおいといください).

    Since o (お) is a polite prefix, karada (身体) means “body,” itoi/itou (いとい/いとう) means “to cherish,” and kudasai (ください) means “please,” okarada wo oitoi kudasai literally means “please cherish your body.”
    「お」は丁寧の接頭辞、「身体」は “body”、「いとう」は「大事にする/大切にする」、「ください」は “please” を意味するので、「お身体をおいといください」は文字どおり “please cherish your body” という意味になります。

    This phrase is a little quaint and is used less frequently these days, but it has an elegant, tender, and gentle impressions.

    If you use this at the end of your letters or e-mails, you can make a special impression on the recipient.

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