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Summer Solstice

  • Today was the summer solstice in Japan.


    The summer solstice is a day that the daytime is longest and the night is shortest in a year in the Northern Hemisphere (this reverses in the Southern Hemisphere).

    In the Japanese summer solstice, the sun rises about five hours longer than the winter solstice, which has the shortest daytime in a year.

    Actually, there are almost no traditional events related to the summer solstice in Japan.

    In Europe, on the other hand, many festivals to thank the sun seem to be held during the summer solstice.

    For example, I heard that the day is “Fête de la musique” (Make Music Day) in French.

    Also, the day seems to be a day that symbolizes love in various European countries.

    In particular, for North European countries that have relatively short daylight hours, the summer solstice (midsummer) is one of the most important holidays.

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