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Kin-nen” and “Kin-jitsu

  • Today, I noticed a little weird Japanese words.


    They are “kin-nen” and “kin-jitsu.”

    “Kin” means “close” and “near,” “nen” means “year,” and “jitsu” means “day.”

    Also, “kin-nen” means “recently” or “in recent years,” which includes the recent past and the present.
    「近」は “close” や “near” という意味であり、「年」は “year” を、「日」は “day” を意味します。

    However, “kin-jitsu” means “soon” or “in a few days,” which shows only near future.
    そして、「近年」は “recently” や “in recent years” のように、現在を含む過去を表します。

    Although these structures are similar, the meanings are quite different.
    しかし、「近日」は “soon” や “in a few days” のように、近い未来を表します。

    Please be careful when you use these words.

    By the way, there are no words like “kin-shu” (“shu” means “week”) and “kin-getsu” (“getsu” means “month”).

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