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Nechigae (寝違え – Sprained Neck)

  • Nechigae


    Yesterday, maybe I got a bad symptom called 寝違え (nechigae).

    “Nechigae” refers to a symptom accompanied with pain (especially around the neck) like muscle ache, which is caused by unnatural posture while sleeping.

    Here, 寝 (ne) means “sleep,” and 違え (chigae) means “difference” or “disagreement.”
    「寝」は “sleep,” 「違え」は “difference” や “disagreement” を意味します。

    Therefore, it is thought that this term implies that the sleeping is different from the correct way.

    If you want to this term as a verb, you can say 寝違える (nechigaeru).

    Since the pain of “nechigae” this time is really strong, I will go to a hospital if it continues until tomorrow.

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