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Unlucky Coins Part 1

  • Unlucky Coins Part 1

    縁起の悪いお賽銭 Part 1

    Yesterday, I introduced goen-dama (五円玉 – “five-yen coin”) as a popular offertory coin.

    On the other hand, there are two unpopular coins as offertory money — they are jūen-dama (十円玉 – “ten-yen coin”) and gohyakuen-dama (五百円玉 – “five-hundred-yen coin”).

    The kanji character 十 of 十円玉 can also be read as (とお).

    can be written as 遠, which means “distance.”
    「とお」は “distant” を意味する「遠」を表すことができます。

    In addition, en (円) has the same sound as 縁, which means “relationship.”
    また、「円」は “relationship” を意味する「縁」と同音です。

    That is to say, 十円 implies the unlucky term tōen (遠縁), which means “distance relationship.”
    すなわち「十円」は、「遠縁」(“distant relationship”) を暗に意味し、演技がよくないというわけです。

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